Whole Gym Notifications

From time to time (winter) but not very often, we need to close the gym due to inclement weather (trust us, it’s gotta get pretty bad out there for this to happen). We also may change training times because of a holiday or have some other important information that we need to get out to as many of you as we can in one shot. We’ll always post this information on the SPC site, Facebook and our regular Twitter feed. But people don’t always sit at a computer waiting for Sepi to post something. Nor do they always sit and wait for emails to roll in. What to do? Enter Twitter (again). We’ve set up a second Twitter account to be used ONLY when we need to get a message out that is IMPORTANT. We will NOT be tweeting like birds all day every day on this account.

The thing that we’ve learned about Twitter is that YOU DON’T ACTUALLY HAVE TO SIGN UP FOR A TWITTER ACCOUNT TO GET TEXT MESSAGES FROM SOMEONE. All you have to do is send a simple text message and our important messages will come through to your phone as a text message. Simple as that.

If you want to receive occasional text messages (about emergency closures, holiday hours, etc.) just do the following:

  • Send a text message to 40404 that says “follow spcsms” (no quotes)
  • A confirmation message will come to you in return and that’s it. You’re all set up. The confirmation message may take two seconds to several minutes but it will come.

Keep in mind that our messages have to be short. So you may receive something along the lines of “for holiday training times visit spccrossfit.com”. The rest will be up to you. We’ll try hard to get the info to you without having you do anything else but there may be times that we can’t fit it all into one message.